Blog Birth

Welcome, Purveyor of the Finest In Blogs!

Welcome to Into Arcadia, Jamie’s Weblog of Earthly Delights! Starting from now, I will be digitising my thoughts and aspirations in blog form for everyone who gives a damn to read. I aim to keep it amusing, interesting, enlightening and informative. Most blogs are needless extensions of peoples’ innate desire to write whimsy and this one is no different. This Blog is about my extended Journey In Central America, where I hope to keep people informed of status, my hilarious stories, exciting tales of balls and daring-do and shamelessly promote myself in the process.

Check out the About section for personal information. The Coming Soon section refers to the forthcoming blog itself. Updates will be done where possible, but do not expect me to have full internets all the time. Arcadia it may be, but Paradise is still having some connection issues.

Some Quick Notes Before We Begin Proper:

  1. I will not post something that is crude, callous or inappropriate. This does go against my sense of humour, but this is the internets and is no place for such behaviour! So you will never find any disgusting NSFW pictures like this one here.
  2. Certain personal things will not be blogged upon. Essentially, anything a Gentleman would not talk about in public will not be blogged about in public.
  3. I will be uploading pictures to this site and to Facebook, both of which have size limitations. Hi-res versions available on demand.
  4. Preferred forms of personal communication (in order): Skype, Facebook, Gmail, wordpress comments.

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