How to Impress Like a Latin Guitar Master:


1. Grow moustache.





2.Espinoza-Paz-Yo-no-canto-pero-15d4dbeb1fd39be1f87ed2d994892b9a-052809-VIB-9-Paz-def Acquire hat.




3.Learn guitar.

61iK9bSUEaL._SL500_AA240_4. Cry.




51VIeHRSJhL._SL500_AA240_5. Court woman.





6. Lose said woman.


51hrKnJ1MaL._SL500_AA240_7. Cry.




maquez8. Increase hat or moustache size.



619kuUVRd8L._SL500_AA240_9. Begin playing.





10. Sing with raw emotion.

11. Raise eyebrows.

12. Bite lip.

13. Eyes closed.


14. Deep breath.


15. SOLO!






16. Masturbate.




515Yhf6YagL._SL500_AA240_17. Cry.


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