Photo Montage

Hello everybody! Since my last major post was pretty much an impenetrable wall of text, I thought I’d give you all a simple photomontage this time around.

Please allow time for loading.





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2 responses to “Photo Montage

  1. Paul C


    Ah trench digging, I had my fair share of that work. What’s the soil like there? In South Africa it was hard and tightly compacted, so every shovel full of dirt had to be initially broken with a pick axe. Your journey reminds me a lot of mine in South Africa, however I only spent a month there, (with a full year in between that, I might add) whereas you have the immense fortune of staying for as long as you wish.

    Catch up with you later,
    Paul C.

  2. Dear JBB
    Cor – great to see all the foties, and to get an idea of it all, and the people. So, so pleased you’re out there doing it, and that you have a jolly big smile in the pics – great one of you and the barrow – looks like fair hard graft!
    After seeing Paul C’s comment, I’m reminded that I was the same as you, in being able to stay out – when I went to Tanzania to work in an Ujamaa fishing village opposite Zanzibar for 3 weeks, the rest then went back to England and I stayed for a year, heading up to Kenya, sailing to Djibouti, then Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt by train/hitch/ferry up the Nile etc.
    So that’s a nice connection and I look forward to much travellers’ tales-telling in times to come … and I might get reminiscing myself!
    Much love from Cobnor
    Will get RKD to check out the photos tomorrow – they’re just going to sleep after a long day including their first GCSE module (science)
    D xx

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