The Farm Project

Hello all!

Life here is so hard. Waking up in the morning, the sunlight burns my eyes and the endlessly beautiful tropical vista outside my window is just too much to take in at 08:00. And the soothing sounds of the jungle kept me asleep all goddamn night, so you know today’s going to have difficulty beating my dreams. Then breakfast. It’s so raw and fresh it hurts. Choosing between papaya, cocunut, granola or a whole juicy watermelon?!? The refreshingly healthy agony of it all! Then emails must be done. Damn the internet for making intercontinental communication so instanteous and efficient! What is with the modern world?! Can’t I have some peace and quiet to listen to reggae like some Burning Spear or Groundation without being interrupted by a really good friend in a completely different continent asking me how I’m doing and how shitty Europe is at this time of year? Do you know how annoying that is? I know Europe is shitty this time of year because that’s why I left!

This damn private waterfall is just too bloody peaceful! And the scenic route down is just awkward.

Work Life

Right, enough sarcasm. This place is forty phases of awesome. Work has been simple so far: experiments on a few different projects, feeding animals and that sort of thing. No more than a few easy hours a day. Some of the projects on the farm include the creation of a pentahut (a hut in the shape of a pentagon) and aquaponics, which is the “symbiotic cultivation of plants and aquatic animals in a recirculating environment. Aquatic animal effluent (for example fish waste) accumulates in water as a by-product of keeping them in a closed system or tank, such as a recirculating aquaculture system. Unfiltered, the concentration of effluent increases, becoming toxic to the aquatic animal. The effluents act as nutrients to specific plant species, enabling a symbiotic relationship.” Other experiments include a substance known as Ormus… which I won’t go into right now.

The view from the house is just complicated. All I want is a brick wall with some paint in the middle of some dirty-ass suburb and what do I get? Visions of Paradise! Bullshit! And the coconut I'm eating while uploading this is too sweet and delicious! Don't they know that every coconut is going to taste terrible in comparison?!? That ain't fair at all!

Company of Note

Company is excellent right now. There is an American fellow by the name of Adam who has been here for a month. He’s here for a couple of reasons: 1) he has Crohn’s Disease, a nasty immune system disorder that affects the digestive system mainly, 2) he reported out his Uncle for laundering millions in diamonds and 3) he’s trying to bring down De Beers, the monstrous monopoly of a diamond company, with the assistance of a former De Beers agent. Who knew they supplied the Nazis with diamonds, weapons and capital along with a host of other crimes and unethical practices? Not me. Anyway, he runs a site on the side called if you’re interested (though I think it’s a little scrappy at the moment, but some of the information is wonderfully revelatory).

Turns out Nelson Mandela was a bit of a hypocrite, too – taking money from De Beers, the main sponsors of apartheid, even when apartheid was over. Apparently the US Federal Reserve, the US central bank (and subject of innumerable claims of tyranny, conspiracy and corruption from the spurious to the substantial), is heavily influenced by De Beers, but I somehow doubt it. There’s a load of stuff up there that is worth looking at.

I never expected my many hours of investigating Freemasonry, the Illuminati, Martians, the Federal Reserve, CIA, Goldman Sachs and the like to suddenly become useful in somewhere like this. I was just trying to figure out the global power scheme, maybe figure out a way to get my foot in that greasy door of power, worm my way to the top and then bring it all down in a cataclysm of fiery righteousness. Few things are as compelling as a damn good conspiracy and this De Beers has it all: intrigue, political connections, murder, huge sums of money that I will tragically never see, Jews, war profiteering, Nazis, US Gov, the CIA, Israel, Mossad, Angry South Africans,* etc. Conspiracies like these involve a lot of lists like that. Essentially everything for a somewhat decent Airport Thriller is there – if we could just add a ruggedly handsome, resourceful, dry-witted protagonist with the sexual energy of a pillaging Saxon into the story somehow…

*clarification: all things South African will eventually involve Angry South Africans, jou bliksem!


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One response to “The Farm Project

  1. Vestin Hispants

    Yo Bro,
    It certainly looks and sounds idyllic, especially when we look out our window this afternoon to wind and lots of rain. Mega-floods of biblical proportions have subsided in Counties Galway and Clare. I reckon we’ll be re-naming the region as the ‘Western Archipelago’ and re-branding the tourist opportunities to suit.

    Take it easy on the mary-jane. Will email you later.

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