What’s Happening Back Home?

Since I’ve left, Ireland sank, the Belgians seized power, Dubai finally admitted to lying about all that cash, the Swiss pissed off every Muslim in Switzerland, Russia’s new favourite song is “The Roof is on Fire”, the Greeks had another street party and the world’s teenage girls are having a civil war over Team Edward or Team Taylor. If you know what the latter is in reference to… please stop, you’re part of the problem. So things aren’t too bad, but this is the final few weeks of the Noughties! Soon it will be 2010! Fingers crossed that the Twenty-Teenies are better than the last decade – which was pretty awesome except for practically everything that happened outside Europe…

But you know what? I get to convert to Apathy while I’m here. So I bid thee adieu… I’m going to the beach!


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Filed under Bovine Excrement, Humour Snack, Some 'Ol Bullshit

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