New Tooth, the Partial Tooth and Nothing But The Tooth

I’ve got a new tooth coming in, right at the back where I really did not need a new tooth. They call these teeth wisdom teeth, but if you actually need them to replace your old, poorly-kept, diseased teeth, then you’ve not acted particularly wise, have you? Maybe it’s ironic. Wisdom is knowledge that is applied in order to lead a good life. Wisdom teeth are something I knew about but didn’t think they’d impact my good life. Perhaps I was being somewhat naive by ignoring the incoming threat of wisdom teeth – which would mean that they are a warning, an ass-kick, a righteous slap, a correcting manoeuvre or simply a reminder of the importance of being wise.


An illustration, courtesy of Gray's Anatomy, depicting the site and nature of the pain in my mouth right now. Source not to be confused with Grey's Anatomy, which is a serialised television dramatisation of actual studies conducted in the US on how Medical Professionals spread STD's amongst themselves.

Wisdom teeth can bugger off! I don’t think trifle teething troubles at the age of twenty-one are really the best way to remind me of the importance of being wise! Bad evolution, Bad! That particular trait is no longer needed and now I might have to get them pulled – that’s artificial selection and it’s messing with things we don’t understand! My mouth’s not particularly painful right now, but the limited mobility of my jaw right now is impacting my ability to eat and speak at the same time. It’s forcing me to be wise and apply the laws of etiquette in a distant land! Poops to that – my teeth should not be dictating anything to me other than their desire to be washed, cleaned, brushed and flossed. My skull should not be undermining it’s primary function of looking after my brain by causing it pain elsewhere – that’s bad government.

So enjoy some Toots and the Maytals – the closest thing in my music collection to having the word “tooth” in it…


And this is fascinating: Why Are Europeans White?



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4 responses to “Toothaches

  1. Kate and David

    enjoy your hot Christmas, we’ve just had snow here, not actually on christmas day though but near enough. Anyway ummmm….. everyone says hi and sorry to hear about ur tooth 😦 love kate xxx
    (here’s David)
    Have a great tropical Christmas! Quite the opposite to0 the snow & ice over here but all in all a very fair exchange. Love from David xxx
    (Rosa would leave a message but she’s too busy riding her new bike)

  2. Kate

    <— this is meant to be a
    |/\| star by the way.
    / \
    /_ _\
    / \
    / \
    /_ _\
    / \
    / \
    /________ \

    Here's a Christmas tree for you just in case you don't have one

    • Kate

      damn that really didn’t work, just so u know it looked really good and christmas treeish before i pressed enter, then it rearranged itself!

  3. Dee

    yer tooth blog sure made me laugh (er-sorry, but it was right funny)
    d xx

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