Felix Natilis Invicti!

Happy Christmas Everyone!

I trust now that Christmas Day is relatively over back in the Old World, everyone is relaxed, well-fed and enjoying the delights of the 25th of December in their freshly filled memory. But we all know that someone’s got a horrible kidney infection or something so let’s just wish them a vain Merry… Christmas and rapidly move on. It’s still the 25th over here, and the absence of fake-snow sprayed plastic trees, woollen gloves with reindeer sewn in,tasteless light displays, music with far too much cowbell and no glass of deep claret in front of a fire combined with the fact that I’m staying with non-Christmassy Jews make this the least-Christmassy Christmas I’ve ever attempted to celebrate.

That’s not really a problem, anyway. This year I’m celebrating Christmas without the Christ or Mass part. Since it’s still quite sunny and as the warm air of the mountains fill my lungs, watermelon leaks from my mouth, you would have good reason to wonder what needs celebrating at all considering the glory of nature around me?

Well, I’m going to celebrate Roman-style instead. The atheist is going pagan. Today is the 25th of December, Natilis Invicti, the Birth of the Invincible One, Sol Invictus, the Unconquered Sun! Let us feast upon the fruits of the Sun! Quite literally! Feasting on fresh fruit makes one realise exactly how awesome our Sun really is. Eating these fresh watermelons, oranges and papaya (among others!) with their sweet juicy brilliance is like eating the captured luminescence of our celestial body, the Sun.

Christianity aligned their holiday to fit in with the Roman celebrations of the Winter Solstice, where the first appreciably lengthening days occur, which is fitting as it is also said that Jesus is merely the next iteration of the ancient solar deities – so we’ve really been celebrating the Son of the Sun for hundreds of years without realising it (this is one reason Jesus is often depicted with a halo). Depending on what time you lived in, where you lived and what you were raised to believe, the Sun was  God, Helios, Sol Invictus, Yahweh, Ra, Mitra or any one of the other deities. They variably ride in boats, chariots or carts – the lazy buggers – across the sky each day, chasing away the moon and the stars and giving us the light within which to do stuff. When I look at our Sun, I see… The Sun. The science  is more convincing, more fantastical and more mind-blowingly amazing than most of the tales in the major religions, the unfathomable size, the raw power, the incredible nature of the Sun will always fascinate me. The religions usually depict the Sun as have a friendly, optimistic message for humanity, and we should all rest easy in the the warmth and light of our benevolent overlord. I second that idea.

Praise Sól!

If we are going to credit any entity with our creation, prosperity, providence and guidance, why not go for the most obvious, visible, tangibly awe-inspiringly powerful Sun? It requires no faith to look up and see it. If you can see it, then you can really feel it (certain Northern European nationalities may be unfamiliar with this). That it is the source of all our power is a pretty impressive feat in itself. Our planet, its orbit, gravity, temperature, atmosphere and everything that lives within them is directly related to our Sun; without it we would have no breathable air, tans, oil, plants, fruits, vegetables animals and we wouldn’t know about it because we wouldn’t exist. The rules we live by are set by our Sun. Rules such as these made the limitation in characteristics that plants and animals could grow and develop in this environment. There you have an indirect tinkering in evolution-  it truly is responsible for our existence.

Praying to it will have the same amount of success as most forms of prayer : it will be completely ignored and you will have to live your life the way you wish and spend your time doing it for yourself and not rely upon false securities and an apportionment of one’s personal responsibility over to the unknown (bonus: this way you don’t have to talk to the ceiling on your knees). Worshipping it is unnecessary – it doesn’t care about us at all. It’s given us so much, it is the most powerful thing in the solar system and there is not a damn thing we can do to get its notice. No laws, no decrees, no prophets, no books needed – humans wrote them all anyway and we just need updated versions to bring us into the future. The Sun isn’t going to give a damn either way.

So this Christmas, join me in celebrating Natilis Invicti, the Birth of the Invincible One, the Benefactor of Our Planet, Beacon of Beauty, Progenitor of All Things Bright and Protector of Asteroids, Sol Invictus, Our Unconquered Sun! Let the Feast of the Sun begin!


Let The Feast Begin!

It may not be the most traditional Christmas/Natilis Invicti meal ever, but it was damn good.


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  1. Diana Beale

    hi jamie
    just to say we just uploaded skype and are trying to get in contact with you at the moment so if you can add us that would be great!

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