Rant in D-Minor

On Britain

What. The. Fack.

The UK is a wonderful place by most accounts, but occasionally they really screw it up. Three things recently set off my alarms:

1.) They raised the Terror Alert Level to Severe. Without telling us why. Linguistically, terrorism is quite interesting. Unlike, say war, peace, battle or something tangible, something that denotes a state of being, terrorism is a purely emotional or mental action with an equally emotional response. Yes, a terror attack is very real, but terrorism isn’t. It’s a strategy; a tactic that provokes us into a state of mind. It’s all in their heads. It’s all in our heads. It’s a non-threat. A completely fictitious delusional syndrome afflicting an entire nation with psychosomatic responses in the form of excess security measures and a latent fear of getting out of bed. Forget it. Stop being so afraid of everything! Launch a concerted public effort towards defeating something real!

2.) The reveal of routine public surveillance drones. Fuck’s sake. I’ve been an atheist all my life and have never worried about my actions being monitored by some brooding, omnipresent man in the sky. Now, apparently, I have to worry not about some questionably-existent God but the British Government who seem to have forsaken any rational system of belief and replaced it with some bizarre, dysfunctionally paranoid form of autotheism – the belief that they, those ever so wise fallible humans, are Gods unto themselves. The whole CCTV camera in the sky in religious doctrine was a very effective way of making the gullible reconsider their actions for fear they’re being monitored. Now, they really are being monitored, but probably by some 23 year old victim of bullying in Farnborough with a deep seated distrust of humanity. These are the same drones causing very real (and high) levels of death in Afghanistan and Pakistan and they’re going to be “preventing theft of tractors and monitoring antisocial driving” according to one official document. 1984 wasn’t an instruction manual, Your Majesty.

3.) The withholding of evidence relating to the death of Dr. David Kelly in 2003. This was the very man who was in Iraq on many occasion, found no weapons of mass destruction, told everyone this and then ended up dead. In the woods. With his wrists cut in a way that is exceedingly difficult. Especially when you’re supposedly out of it on painkillers. It really doesn’t really make that much sense the more you think about… so they’re stopping us from really thinking about it by keeping the documents secret for 70 years. Perfect, I’ll be 91 years old when they release a heavily redacted confirmation of my suspicions. The irony about this is that the justification so often used for their bullshit surveillance (see above) of the general public is the “If you’ve nothing to hide, you’ve nothing to fear” argument. While, UK Gov, if you’ve nothing to hide, you’ve nothing to fear from a bit of public scrutiny, do you? Or…

This is why I’m such a firm believer in transparency in government. Essentially, we, in a democracy of the supposed liberal variety, portion over a certain amount of our energy and responsibility to those we designate powerful in the vain hope that they’ll use it for the wider good. Taxes lead to roads, schools and that sort of thing. They also keep us relatively safe by having a centrally organised system of security, be that a military, police force or diplomatic corps. Since we gave them some of our power, it’s only fair that we make sure we know just what they’re doing with that power. They shouldn’t be invading countries we don’t want invaded and they shouldn’t be silencing honourable weapons inspectors who undermine their dubious claims to justify it. The whole thing smells like a mashed up bag of refried bullshit. They shouldn’t keep secrets from us and then demand, nay, force us to reveal our own secrets. We should be the ones monitoring them, not the other way around.

Unrelated SitRep That I Won’t Even Attempt To Segue To

I did 175 sit-ups last night. I felt really good afterwards. My stomach is improving rapidly. Then I noticed the carpet burn to the north of my buttocks and south of my lumbar, right around the coccyx. Sitting down is fine, but lying down has proven… uncomfortable… while further sit-ups have been delayed.


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