You may have noticed a slight tonal change in some of my recent posts. If you didn’t notice the tone, then maybe you noticed the topic choice. If you didn’t notice that, then you probably just looked at the pictures, didn’t you? There are some pretty ones up there, so I can’t blame you. I’ve got thousands more of them if you want some more and I have plenty of pictures of me going to places and standing in front of things like every other tourist ever!

Anyway, the reason for the change in direction is this: I’m not really blogging about my tourist experiences that much in the US. I’ll get to that later. Something more important is on my mind, desperate to make the final leap from my firing brain cells to your eyeballs. It’s more important than the weird and wonderful cast of characters that make up my world out here. But I suppose importance is subjective, so stick with me and we’ll find something we both enjoy.

What’s more concerned me is the US itself. This is my first experience of it as an adult and my first hands-on sampling of that which I read about so much. It’s also a journal of my difficult attempts to understand this indefinably complex modern world we live in. I’ll return to the British Isles & Ireland and I’ll be a normal blue-eyed Anglo-Saxon with a penchant for witty pub banter, good living and all the things that make us unremarkable. But I do hope to come back with a far more evolved understanding of that which is before me. I will have new comparisons and greater ability to appreciate objectively. I hope to be able to use this skill for good.

My thirst for knowledge is like my thirst for water – and I’ll keep on drinking until the day I die. Hopefully not of dehydration, for the record.

This blog is now becoming an expression point for my journey through the grand questions of life. I feel like I’ve gotten the larger questions of life answered at an earlier age than most. I feel comfortable that my understanding of spiritual and religious questions is sufficiently expansive and nuanced. I think I’ve got my political sense heading in the right direction. I’m not sure how developed my personal ethics are. I don’t know how my personality will go from here. So this blog has become more of a platform for my public-appropriate quest to figure out concepts of justice, morality, politics, society and religion. It’s less about me than it was when I was Central America because right now I feel like the US is a far more interesting topic and though my perspective may not be anything particularly fresh or new, it’s still mine.

This has now become my attempt to understand the order of things in a vast sea of complex chaos. And it is yours to read, too, if you have the patience!

So enjoy it for what it is and please don’t judge it on what it was or what it isn’t! Towards the end of the month, I’ll have the tourist stuff back to the fore, I promise!



PS: thanks for reading this thing! There are far more exciting things on the internets, so thanks for taking some time to explore my version of cyberspace. Also, thanks to Peter for editing this post for me in his spare time. Sharp eyes, man, sharp eyes.


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  1. Remember how shameless Green Hill displayed its beauty? Take and send photos from the coast!

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