About The Author

About This Blog:

Wondering what this is all about? Curious as to the nature of this tiny part of the vast Internet Sea?

Let me put it as succinctly as possible:

Shameless self-promotion.

That is all.

About the Author:

I am 21 years old, 195cm tall, weigh approximately 82kgs and smell vaguely of abstractions and subtlety. Put simply, I’m pretty complex.

I hold no religious beliefs, no faith and no religious affiliations. I believe in the power of Humans, not Gods, because Humans have something Gods have never had: accountability. Considering the amount of my free time spent pondering upon such issues, expect a not insignificant portion of this blog to be devoted to ideas of morality, ethics, philosophical concepts, political thought, religious musings and (more likely) critique. Poorly worded rants will be mercifully sparse.

What to Do With The Author In The Off-Chance He Doesn’t Make It:

In the unlikely and undesirable event of my death, I wish to be frozen in liquid nitrogen and- technology, finances and loved ones willing – be blasted into space to explore at least several dimensions of the universe  for all eternity. To improve the odds of human DNA reaching somewhere habitable/awesome/where aliens can find it, time it so I hit an asteroid  beyond the gravitational pull of Jupiter which disperses my remains quaquaversally so I may be the precursor of life somewhere else in our wonderful cosmos. Though I will not experience such an event and the probability of it happening is pretty slim, few things would give me greater joy in the life that I am to experience than knowing that after I die, my physical essence will get to explore that which my body could never… forever.

Amusing Photo of the Author in a WTF Position:

Dressed as a slightly-more-lilac-than-red-cloaked Spartan scaling a complicated ceiling structure in Alexandra College Dublin in 2006. Go ahead and ask. No one can explain why. No one.

Rejected Blog Names:

Post-Colonial Cojones; From White To Pink To Red And Brown; Why Didn’t the British Take This Place? It’s Really Quite Lovely; I Told You White People Can’t Dance; The Continuing Adventures of an Anglo-Saxon Wanderer; Swine Flu Can Suck It Because This Leprosy Is Far Deadlier; This Coffee Tastes Like Nirvana; The Malaria is Shitty, But at Least It’s Not Ireland; Melt, Whitey, Melt In Our Tropical Sun; I Can’t Believe I Just Stepped On A Baby Turtle; I Miss Real Milk and Cereal; A Quick Visual Guide To English Sweating; The British Isles Really Are Pretty Soggy, You Know; Don’t Wipe With That Poisonous Leaf; Is That A Cigar in Your Pocket or Are You About to Mug Me?; In The Land of No Army, The Man With a Gun is King and I Thus Declare Myself to be Exactly That.


3 responses to “About The Author

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  2. Paul C

    Speaking of colonialism, I was playing a city naming game with a bunch of fellow Europeans, (mostly Italians and Spaniards) most of whom were drunk and much to my amusement and in keeping with our humour, cities from the colonies didn’t count, if for no other reason than they were colonies.

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