NOTE: These have changed from their previous goals – I should have updated this a long time ago. The urge to leave, to explore and to dive headfirst into the great unknown overcame me. I abandoned my previous plan and have hit the road. I’m making my way north from Costa Rica towards the United States of Am-urka and possibly Canada.

Objective 1:

Recover from illness. COMPLETE

Objective 2:

Get really fit and strong enough to climb volcanoes and mountains. 100 push-ups, 300 sit-ups, ability to run over 12km. COMPLETE

Objective 3:

Explore Central and North America, experience the culture, witness the beauty, bathe in the majesty and feel the love. IN PROGRESS

Objective 4:

Evolve and advance myself physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and, ultimately, completely refresh and replenish my supply of humanity. IN PROGRESS

Objective 5:

Come back to the United Corporations of  Europe in a strong enough condition to run a marathon within six months, becoming the first in my family to do so. IN PROGRESS

General Information:

First port o’ call is usually Wikipedia:

The CIA has a use beyond conspiracy theory generation and bad publicity, apparently:

Wolfram Alpha can compare it to any other country simply by typing the names together:

An Overview of the first month of The Journey:

My BaceFook Page:

I stole the name from one of my favourite historical strategists Zhuge Liang, responsible for the wonderfully ballsy Empty Fort Strategy and a thorough mastery of infantry and cavalry formations.

Current Location:

The United States of America, that wonderful corporate union. I’m here to investigate the political, social and economic nature of a country that has more political capital in the world than any other, a military larger than all other militaries combined and a religious community that is bizarrely powerful in such a well-educated, wealthy nation. It’s mysteries are enduring, it’s landscape inspiring. It is the USA and it’s the most successful political entity on the planet – but probably not for much longer.


3 responses to “Information

  1. Abhimanyu Dadu

    hey…. I am a fan…. although please excuse me for not hugging anybody as suggested in your last blog post…. (things are complicated and lets just leave it at that…)

    the PLAN looks great…. although lead and mercury poisoning??

    I am Abhimanyu by the way. (The word in the middle that you can’t pronounce is my name. go ahead, give it another try, you’ll get it this time! its AA-Bhi-MAAN-You)…. I am a masters student of economics in India and if you have ever met an economist, you will know that we are a sad bunch o’ people, who cant decide whether the world needs a government sponsored stimulus or what coloured shirt to wear with red checkered pants!! (I don’t own one, just if you were thinkin of not replyin to this post)…..

    So where are you at right now?? I mean like whats your exact situation??

  2. Matthew David Pollock

    This blog is fantastic. Genuinely. It seems your liberal, atheistic perspective on things is refreshingly similar to my own; that aside, it’s really bloody well written and is genuinely probing and perceptive. Makes for a much better read than most of the sensationalist crap you’d find on the average newspaper rack to keep the proles happy – if only mainstream newspapers were more like this. Cool.

  3. I thoroughly enjoy following your blog. I applaud you for successfully mixing a lovely cocktail of concern with a hint of humor on the things you stumble upon in your adventures. Keep it up!

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